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How do you feel about digital memories?

September 14, 2009

digital ageListening the OnPoint, the topic is whether it is possible to create a “total recall” for all our memories of our lives. With all the social networks like Twitter and Facebook–not to mention the plethora of others–should we as human beings be recording all the minutiae of our lives to be retrieved at a later time?

Should we supplement our memory with the digital gadgets like cell phones, iPods, social networks or other aids?

Is there anything to the argument that the more you memorize, the more ability you have to memorize other things in the future? With children, it’s clear that the more you stress their brain with input of classical music or shapes/colors, the smarter the child will become and the faster her brain will be able to process new input.

What do you think? Should we record things that we don’t “need” to remember in our lives?

Let me hear your four seconds!

September 2, 2009

How many times have you answered the phone and some telemarketer spends the first 30 seconds not taking a breath or allowing you to get a word in edgewise? Chances are, more often than not.

Experts say that we, the business professionals of the world, have a total of four–count ’em–four seconds to entice someone into doing business with you or buying whatever product you happen to be hawking.

Did you get that? You have to say something in the first four seconds of your conversation which will make someone decide if they are going to work with you. If you haven’t got them in four seconds, it’s time to move on to someone else.

I know I need to work on my pitch, and I’m having a hard time finding others who really know how to effectively pitch to prospects. If you’ve got a good pitch, let me hear it. If your pitch needs a little work, let me hear that, too, and we can offer hints or ways to improve.

Remember, YOU only have FOUR free seconds before someone tunes you out and starts playing computer games, so make ’em good.

How ’bout it?

Accountability: Becoming the person you want to become

May 7, 2009

AccountabilityIn starting this recent chapter of my blog, I decided to create some sort of accountability which would hopefully “encourage” me to write on a more regular basis. Each week, I’m making a (seemingly) feasible goal of action.

This week, I have aspired to make contact with people in the mainstream (traditional) media, since I’m working to become the next generation of “new” media. So far this week, I have endeavored to for connections with 15 people from Facebook who work for CBS. Several have responded, but the rest have either ignored my friend request or haven’t taken action. Should I move on with others, or should I keep asking those who haven’t replied?

My second goal from my last post was to become more accountable by making more frequent blog posts. That’s an easy one. By doing just this, I’ve taken action to make it happen.

My third goal is to use my time more wisely: I accomplished this goal by implementing the use of a timer when using online aps on Facebook.

A friend sent me this Youtube video which I found sadly true and a bit amusing:

After watching it, I started making a list of my goals for next week:

  1. I need to have a business plan, something to fall back on when I get into a funk. I have never written a business plan, but I understand that by writing others’ business plans, it can be very lucrative, but first I want to have one of my own. Any advice from those who are more seasoned in business than I would be much appreciated.
  2. I intend to continue making connections in the traditional media.
  3. I will begin/continue trying to sell my services and those of others via social networks and the Relationship Economy.

How ’bout it?

Did You KNOW???

April 23, 2009

A friend sent me the link to this video this morning, and its message is both exciting and a little scary. Did you know that in only one year, the top 10 in-demand jobs did not exist only five years ago?

Sometimes information is too much for us to process, and sometimes we are immobilized by too much of it. Watch this 5 minute video, and then  let me know what your thoughts are about it.

Does this information come at us to fast for us to fully comprehend? Is anyone else frightened by the information overload which is occurring every second of every day 365 days a year?

How ’bout it?

Ouch! Wonder why Bush wasn’t elected?

September 8, 2008

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why Bush occupies the White House even though he didn’t get elected by the people, watch this video. It kinda makes you proud to be ‘merican!

How ’bout it?

A Break from Business for a moment…

July 31, 2008

Go ahead, I dare you, TRY NOT TO LAUGH! If you can’t though, don’t worry about it — laughter is good for the heart, mind, soul, and body! – Watch more free videos

How ’bout it? Did you laugh?

Building a Rapport

December 10, 2007


Ever wondered how some people are able to get loads of folks to follow their blogs or join their groups on Facebook? They know something that many in today’s Web 2.0 world haven’t already learned. (I don’t claim to have this knowledge, but this morning, I had an Ah-Ha! moment.)

There is a Facebook group called Web 2.0 (Entrepreneurs) which contains a subgroup called Web T.e., which stands for Web Trust, Integrity and Ethics. I was reading the description of Web T.e. and learned that it’s a private group. Part of the requirement to join is that you must get one or more people who are already in the group to vouch for you and your business. Here’s the advice they give to get someone to vouch for you:

“What if you don’t know anyone? Start talking. Join the conversation and build a rapport with people.”

That’s when I had the Ah-Ha! moment. The folks who earn six-figures from Adsense alone (or claim they do) have already established a rapport with others because they engage in the tools of Web 2.0. 

I imagine that they are members of various forums, groups, and networking sites. I have never personally met anyone who says they routinely make $100,000 annually from ad sales alone, but I do know someone who gets close to 400 hits to his blog daily. He is a voracious reader, makes effective comments, and is involved with more online networking sites than anyone else I know.

He has gotten out there and started conversations, listened to what the pundits and others said, and has established himself as an expert in his field.

 Doing this, I propose, is what we all need to do in order to generate triple-digit blog hits or get hundreds or thousands of people to join our groups. We need to start talking, start building online relationships, and find the crest of the Web 2.0 technology wave!

How ’bout it?