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It’s Summertime! Less Time Than Before.

June 8, 2009

tre-coverFor the past couple of weeks and probably for the next couple, we have been out-of-pocket–traveling to graduations and other family-related events. For this reason (and others we will keep to ourselves) I have failed to post frequently to this blog. (That’s my confession.)

However, I have been quite busy out in the real world and on LinkedIn making connections to people who can potentially provide me business. So I’ve been active.

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How ’bout it?

A Reverse Mortgage May Be the Answer!

May 2, 2008

Mortgage broker Harry Gordon takes on the problem which is common to many seniors – kids are grown and have moved away, leaving their typically large homes virtually empty. There is a relatively new type of loan called a “REVERSE MORTGAGE” which can provide many seniors with the supplemental income they need and want during their golden years.

Most people know what a mortgage is, but few know about a reverse mortgage. Harry Gordon of Lake Tahoe Mortgage indeed knows the concept of the reverse mortgage. He is called the “ Reverse Mortgage Guru.”

The reverse mortgage is a relatively new type of loan against the value of a home, which provides payments to the owner over the course of his/her lifetime.

What is a “reverse mortgage?” With a regular mortgage, the would-be home-owner can incur debt with which to purchase a home, which would provide equity.

With a reverse mortgage, the home’s equity provides owners with income. The bank would actually pay the home-owner monthly. When there was income and little or no equity, a regular mortgage provides the home-which leads to equity.

Later in life, the equity of the home, with a reverse mortgage, can provide the income which will allow people to retire.

Most seniors have worked diligently over the years to pay off their mortgages, and the thought of another mortgage – or even a reverse mortgage – makes them cringe. Rather than making a mortgage payment, the home-owner would receive money for the home, so it is impossible to lose your home. Simply put, the home’s value is the only asset that can be tapped to pay the reverse mortgage debt balance. If a home’s value does drop below the amount owed on the reverse mortgage, the lender must absorb the loss and look to HUD for reimbursement.

Why shouldn’t you take out a home-equity loan or a second mortgage?

In a word, no. Suppose you own a $250,000 home outright with no mortgage debt. If you were to take out a $100,000, 15-year mortgage at eight percent, you would take on monthly payments of $956. Most government or high-grade corporate bonds yield between five and six percent, so even if the senior invested the $100,000 immediately, the return would be short of the monthly mortgage payment. Additionally, the return from stocks or bonds is considered by the IRS to be income and is, therefore, taxable. Though the reverse mortgage is “income,” it is non-taxable.

Anyone can receive a reverse mortgage, provided he/she meets a few stipulations. First the required age to get a reverse mortgage is 62. The home on which one gets the reverse mortgage must be the principal residence. Essentially, one must live in the home for at least six months of the year. Additionally, the home must be a single family, a 2- to 4-unit building, or a federally approved condo or planned unit development. The home must qualify to satisfy any existing liens. Any debt or liens must be paid off at the time of the reverse mortgage settlement.

Harry Gordon, a reverse mortgage guru, can provide seniors with supplemental income with the reverse mortgage. There is no possibility of losing one’s home as a result of obtaining a reverse mortgage. There is no need to repay any portion of the loan as long as one lives in the home.

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The Communications Factor. When Is It?

September 19, 2007

The Communications Factors, with regard to the Relationship Economy, occur right now. The important thing to remember about communication is that no matter what we do, we rely on some form of it. That’s doing anything. All the time.

The best ways to communicate, beyond holding a press-conference or getting Tasered, is to find some means other than email to address a large group of people! With the technological advances, we can sit in our chair and blog our way to national, no, worldwide, exposure! The key is consistency. To be effective, we have to post something every single day of every single week.

Centuries ago, if someone went into business for himself, it meant “putting out a shingle” to let neighbors know he was in business. Today, that’s not the case; you can go into business from your easychair or at your favorite coffee shop.

While blogging is one way to gain exposure, it is far from the only way to gain it. Social networks are another phenomenal way to get others to notice you. But joining is not the only thing you have to do in order to generate business and manage to brand yourself personally. You also have to participate in the networks – especially the on-line networks. If you don’t, no one will know you exist!

Another technological advancement which helps us to communicate with others more effectively than ever before is the invent of video posting. Video posting sites are like YouTube. Others are out there doing the same thing, but this blog is not to encourage anyone to use any one particular service. However, there is a company called HelloWorld which not only allows you to upload your videos to your site, but you can hold a video conference call, send video emails and video chat with their services, too! How cool is that?

There are other great tools to communicate effectively with large audiences, but I’ll get into that next time!

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A Break From Grammar

September 3, 2007

Recently, I was asked to publish a press release, and I used eight online press release enginges. I came across Free Press Release Distribution Service, and found it to be one of, if not the easiest engine I submitted the release for publication, and therefore, I thought I should recommend it to others who need to publish press releases.

The writer can use the FREE service to publish a press release of up to 3,000 characters, which is around 600 words. For ONLY $1.00, the writer can use up to 10,00 characters! Over 1,000 words!

Social Networking Thought-Leaders Converge to Form “Link to Your World”

September 1, 2007


New York, NY: 9/4/07 Go Directly to Free Press Release Distribution Service by clicking here!
The emerging space of social media is provoking growing interest and investments from brands, institutions, governments, organizations, corporations, and individuals. The convergence of social media technologies has much of the end user market confused and frustrated by the proliferation of offerings and the rapidity of change. Many are trying to establish sound strategies and product offerings that create a long tail of value in the face of constant evolution and confluence.

Four industry thought leaders in the social media and social networking space have recognized the need for sound advice and strategic products and services to serve ubiquitous market needs and demand.

Scott Allen, Jay Deragon, Margaret Orem and Tia Carr Williams have formed a collaborative organization called “Link to Your World” whose vision is to contribute to the edification, integrity and efficiency of the social networking space.

In this social networking space, there is the genesis of a new economy—The Relationship Economy. The Relationship Economy is defined by the thought-leaders as: the people or things we are connected with or have an association to which distribute or consume our capital, which in turn influences our individual product outputs.

 Link to Your World is designed to address these rapid changes. It will identify the issues and solutions surrounding The Relationship Economy, develop all digital assets in the social media sector, and support, mentor, and enable individuals and entities to leverage the constant changes.

“This turbulent and disruptive field is experiencing exponential uptake around the world, with people seeking education and clarity about how best to engage and develop with converging technology as well as chart a clear route to navigate the different networks,” said Tia Carr Williams, Managing Partner, Research & Development.

Link to Your World is the foremost collaborative association of professionals specializing in the systemic shifts of the emerging social networking space.

“These shifts are causing disruptive reactions from the traditional market and our aim is to help organizations better frame their intents and value added contributions to this dynamic space,” said Jay Deragon, Managing Partner, Strategy.

Scott Allen, Managing Partner, Market Development states that  “The Mission of Link to Your World is to help its clients minimize learning curves and enable them and their organizations to be established leaders within their chosen markets by leveraging the mediums of social networks.”

Link to Your World’s professional services are specifically aimed at social media and networking. It will provide the specific products and services that create the highest value for its clients including research, publications, educational programs, technological developments, and consulting services.

“We are a ‘Virtual Organization’ defining the market need for servicing enterprises and organizations who seek expert advice and guidance in this evolving market,” Margaret Orem, Managing Partner, said.

“Employment recruiters and application developers have dominated much of the market. We see the market expanding quickly into user-generated economic opportunities and our research shows a series of factors that anyone serious about being a leader in this space should consider before launching any initiative,” said Orem.

Link to Your World’s first product release is a research report facilitated through Mind Commerce titled “The Relationship Economy.”

Adam J. Kovitz, Executive Director of The Relationship Networking Industry Association and CEO, Founder and Publisher of The National Networker says, “This is the A team of the industry and each brings unique perspectives, talents and a significant network of resources in the social networking space.


“Their research will provide the basis for sound planning and insightful gains to those that use it effectively,” Kovitz said. “I am very pleased to support their efforts to deliver breakthrough value to industry, media, institutions, governments and individuals. Link to Your World certainly holds the promise of being one of the predominant voices of the new Relationship Economy.”

When asked how Link To Your World will bring value, noted author and forecaster Jack Myers said, “Virtual worlds and social networks represent the intersection of technology and humanity, and a deeper understanding of this intersection will be essential for future consumer and business-to-business strategic market planning.”

Myers’ publications are recognized as “The Voice of the Media and Advertising Market.”

Link To Your World also has several educational initiatives underway and is partnering with emerging technology firms to release the next generation of mediums for market enhancements and user satisfaction aimed at broadcast media.

We believe that the breakthrough opportunity is to enable users of social networks economic opportunities for their content, and we have the solutions.

For more information concerning Link to Your World, please contact Margaret Orem, Managing Partner of Operations at


Link to Your World

New York, NY 10019

About Mind Commerce:

Mind Commerce is a research and consulting services company for the telecommunications and IT industries.   Mind Commerce clients include manufacturers, developers, service providers, industry bodies, and government organizations.  For more information about our services and/or this report, contact Zaga Novakovic at or call 877 MIND COM (877 646 3266).