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Hell yes, I Want Customer Service

June 3, 2008

This post is in response to social networking strategist and expert Jay Deragon’s post titled Do We Really Want Customer Service?

Granted, we may actually PREFER life if every service to which we subscribed and gizmo we bought functioned the way it was intended — nay, the way we hoped in our semi-euphoric state just before we signed the deal, paid cash for our new “toy.” But that would be what people call Utopia, a land where there is no crime and everything works the way it was designed.

For that matter, we might ask, “Do we really want doctors?” or lawyers, or teachers, umpires, line-judges, prisons, mechanics, body-shops, dishwashers, replacement bulbs, or divorce courts. Things break. That’s the nature of the beast, and we have to learn to live with it.

If we didn’t need customer service, there would be no need for doctors to help cure cancer or keep us well, lawyers to help right the injustices against us, teachers to impart knowledge, umpires to call base-runners out at third, line-judges to decide if the serve was in or out, prisons to incarcerate criminals, mechanics to fix our cars when they break, and the list goes on…

Therefore, when things do happen, when life throws a curve-ball, there needs to be someone there to help us get back to where we desire to be. Rather than wishing the services a company provides be different, we need to accept that there will always be something we would change, and be open to measures those companies are taking to make “customer service” less painful.

Marguerite Reardon of CNET writes: Comcast has hired 15,000 new customer service agents and technicians over the past 18 months to help the company answer calls and provide service to customers. It has also rolled out new high-tech diagnostic tools for agents in the field and at call centers to help better assess problems. Comcast has also started re-dispatching field technicians if it looks like a certain technician may not be able to get to his next appointment.

Customer service agents are also starting to work on Saturdays and Sundays to schedule and serve customers when it’s most convenient for them. And it’s offering real time online chat services so that customers can talk live with a customer account executive.

Kudos to Comcast, which even has a team that monitors the blogosphere, and immediately addresses customers’ concerns or problems. Click here to see what we mean. Working to make the customer service issue less painless for customers should be on the front burner of every major company in the business-world today.

And I think other large companies like Verizon are also hiring teams of people to monitor blogs. So, Jay, in answer to your question, do we want customer service, my answer is Hell yes, but I want it to be faster, easier, and less painless than ever before!

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