About Mark Kerrigan

Mark Kerrigan, owner of On the Mark Writing, has years of experience in a variety of online social networks and continues to learn about new arena of social media advertising.   A self-professed grammarian, Kerrigan is client-focused, keeping in mind his clients’ goals through every step along the way, and can turn mediorcre writing into writing that sparkles.

With The Relationship Economy (a.k.a. The Interactive Online Business Economy)headed full-steam toward both the business and personal worlds, The Communications Factors blog is written to inform and educate others about what can be expected in the virtual space.

Having spent four weeks in a coma, he has to look at life differently. He has less patience than someone of his age would have who had not suffered a head-injury. For example, when Comcast failed to keep the appointment for service he scheduled three days prior, he went into his arsenal and decided his most effective weapon was his blog, and he blasted it throughout social networks.

Within only hours, Kerrigan received a phone call from the Vice-President of Comcast Customer Satisfaction. Ultimately  he forced, through his use and knowledge of social networks and well-crafted messages, Comcast into the social networking sphere and onto Twitter.

2 Comments on “About Mark Kerrigan

  1. Mark Says:


    I’m looking forward to seeing you next Friday at 10 am at Panera near Vandy.

    Meanwhile, check out my writing and thoughts at http://www.wmarkwhitlock.com and whitlockportfolio.blogspot.com.



  2. That_DanRyan Says:


    Your intro lists you as the Co-Owner of Link to Nashville. I am happy to have your input and participation, but that statement is not correct anymore.

    I appreciate your taking care of the clarification.


    Dan Ryan

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