Making Changes

bk-powerofintentionOver the past couple of weeks, I have stated that I’m going to make some changes to my personal/business life. Here’s what I have endeavored to do:

  1. Make contact with mainstream media people on social networks like facebook and LinkedIn.
  2. Become more accountable to others in the business world by making posts like this on a fairly regular basis.
  3. Use my time more wisely. I’m beginning to feel guilty about the hours I while away playing online games.

Well, good news! I have been more accountable through my frequent posts. I have implemented using a timer on my iPod while spending time on social networks like Facebook. That suggestion was made by a friend who commented on one of my previous posts.

I have begun making contacts with people in the mainstream media. Today, I have already contacted a handful of people who have some affiliation with a major television broadcasting station.

And like I’ve already said, I’m making myself more accountable to those who read and respond to my posts by making more of them. So for this week, it’s a three for three! (I’ll try not to break my arm patting myself on the back.)

For this week, I intend to continue making connections and using a timer when I’m not engaged in something that is actively bringing me money.

  • Also, I intend to pursue contacts with people with whom I have spoken and have the potential to become clients of mine.
  • I will check out a website and provide a facebook “friend” with my opinion of his articles.
  • I will go tomorrow and finish up all the yearbook stuff going on at school. (Only have to give some yearbooks out and hopefully will be finished with it for a few months!)

How ’bout it?

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