Really Good Interview on Fox Business

On, one of the plethora of social networks for business people, I started listening to an interview with Social Networking Strategist, Paul Young from Conversion, a social media marketing firm.

The Key to Networking Effectively:

Over 70 percent of teens in the US are on some sort of social networking site. But those networks are not just for teens or kids anymore, Young says. Recently, I found an article online titled “Grandpa’s now on Facebook” where the author really gets quite real about how weird it made him feel for “gramps” to be “checking up on him.”

And although it may cause a little discomfort at Thanksgiving around the table, but it’s true: the internet is being embraced by people from all generations. This means that advertisers aren’t going to be able to be selective about their target audiences based on age. The lines are graying between teens and twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings and on up to (and past) retirement age.

The second point Paul brings up is that the first thing you (as an advertiser) should do is get into the social network and listen. Just find out what it is that the community is talking about, what they are doing, where they spend most of their time. The internet is divided into groups or niches in which the members don’t share anything in common except one or two common interests.

Another point Paul makes is that in order to become effective and affective, you need to provide content to help other members.

“it’s really about altruism and enhancing the community with your brand,” Paul said.

Traditional Approaches Don’t Work

The traditional approach used to be, “Here, listen to my message. Enjoy!” Paul says that approach won’t work in the social networking space. It really goes back to altruism, he says.

You need to get in there and find out what your community is talking about, what are they interested in, and how can you enhace that? Sadly, most people in the business-world know what they want to do, but they are so stuck in the mindset of the traditional advertising gurus that they don’t really understand what they need to be doing in the world of social networking to bring in dollars to their companies…

The world of marketing within the social networks is quickly becoming the newest and largest cash-cow the nation and world has ever seen!

How ’bout it?

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2 Comments on “Really Good Interview on Fox Business”

  1. Matthew Best Says:

    Great commentary Mark. How many times have we been on Twitter, added someone, and gotten a Direct Message which was impersonal and directed you to their site? They are using new technology with an old mindset.

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