The Virtual Relationships We Create

relationshipfactor.jpgYesterday, we were on the playground after school talking with other parents. The discussion inevitably turned to the ubiquitous nature of the internet and email. And then one mom said, “What I don’t get is why people spend so much time online and in virtual worlds!”

Clearly, she doesn’t get it. We had just reviewed five benefits of social networking, and it was all we could do to keep from launching a monologue about reasons people seek to “connect.” Sure it may be a little futuristic to think that people can enjoy spending time online and never leave their homes, but it’s the cold, hard reality that sometimes people do prefer to spend time online than with their families. It’s not necessarily right, but it’s true.

In the 21st century, we are able to shop online, order custom-made computers online, chat, play and converse with others from all over the globe! People can even shop for groceries and have them delivered to their doorsteps! In the future, who knows how connected we will be if we continue to form relationships with others across the country and even the world?

The key to being successful online – whatever your intentions are – is to begin by forming relationships! Relationships are the backbone for everything. People have relationships with doctors, coffee-shop clerks, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, pastors, therapists, and the list keeps going! Whether we use Facebook or other networking websites and platforms for business purposes or simply for fun, the key to connecting with people is to form a relationship with each of them.

We are the people with whom we surround ourselves. The same is true online. As networking strategist Jay Deragon says, “We are who we know.” If we read someone’s blog or other information he or she produces, we get to know them, and therefore are affected by the way that person sees the world.

At a networking meeting late last year, someone told us that the only difference between the person we are now and the person we will be in a year are the books we read, the people we know, and the contacts we make. Add to that the relationships we create, and you’ll have something that you can etch in stone!

How ’bout it?

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One Comment on “The Virtual Relationships We Create”

  1. It seems that the majority of folks in the technology enhanced world are missing something that will be critical moving forward. Lest we forget, there are now and always will be naysayers and laggards, and it is our responsibility to provide guidance and direction for them so they can remain behind the power curve if that is truly their desire.

    It may be difficult for many to understand these folks, but they are the reason that the buggy whip was still being produced long after the automobile hit critical mass. They are the reason that typewriter ribbon (even correctable ribbon) can still be found in online office supply stores (and perhaps a few local stores), and why computer manufacturers still sell dialup modems (though most are faster than 2800 baud).

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