Can You have Too Many Friends?

Sunday’s sermon at Woodmont Baptist Church really caught my interest. It was about friends and quality friendships. Being online almost constantly, I immediately thought of Facebook Friends. “The average teenager,” Dr. Jon Roebuck said, “has 75 people on Facebook whom they call friends.”But Proverbs 18 says that a man with too many friends will come to ruin. Since we believe the Bible to be the Word of God, how do we say that having too many friends will destroy us?But as Dr. Roebuck continued, he began to explain what was actually meant by the Book of Proverbs: similar to the adage that “a wise man keeps his own council,” Proverbs 18:24 really means that the man who confides in a multitude of “friends” (think Facebook or Myspace, here) will end up having his business broadcast to the world.So the business moguls who recommend that we add friends like crazy aren’t totally off their rockers! We recently had colleague/mentor tell us that we needed to add friends on Facebook at the rate of 10 per day. “When you have about 500 contacts [online], opportunities will begin to present themselves.”The key to making things happen in online social networking scene is establishing and maintaining relationships with others who share common interests or passions.The key to establishing relationships can be as simple as sending a quick note or card to someone online.On Facebook, it’s easy for us to send either an email or buy a round of drinks for someone with whom we are friends. Doing so allows them to know that we haven’t simply filed their business cards into a drawer only to be found again in six months. How ’bout it?

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