The Blogosphere is Changing The World

i-want-you.jpgThough many people don’t write a weblog, and many don’t know what actually constitutes a blog. And even though there is a multitude of people who write a blog daily, many, many of those “published authors” don’t know what constitutes a “good” blog.

The blog is a relatively new invention.
With the advent of the web, and platforms which allow “surfers” to post about literally whatever they choose, the landscape of the social web began to change. There are sites springing up with the software and programs which can allow even the most non-programming web-addicts to post commentary on absolutely any subject with links to related pages.

We have come across posts about grammar, some about online social networking, some about personal branding, and that doesn’t even begin to mention the vast range of hobby-based blogs. We find blogs on subjects like swimming, needlepoint, cooking, writing, and the list goes on.

Technically, a blog is a site with frequently-updated content that is dated. Most people’s blogs accommodate the posting with dates displayed near the title of each post. However, the rules may have become a bit relaxed, because sometimes the blogger can get away with posting to his/her blog host without showing the date.

So we’ve established that blogs are updated regularly with commentary on any variety of subjects and links to other related sites. But what’s the purpose of writing a blog? Without revealing any personal information, we can provide our readers with a glimpse into our personality. Frequent readers begin to feel a connection with the blogger whose posts are of interest. The key to creating “stickiness” is having passion about whatever we choose to write.

We can define “stickiness” by getting the public to not only read our blog, but also read our blog to the end of the latest post, and return to our blog quite regularly. With stickiness, we begin to establish relationships with our readers and therefore can effectively share our thoughts about whatever subject we choose. Again, the most important aspect of a blog with stickiness is not the subject matter covered but the passion with which the posts are written.

If we have passion about the content we post, that passion will show itself through the posts. “Who would care about my subject?” you may be asking right now. No matter what your subject is, we can guarantee that you aren’t the only person on the planet who cares about it. If you don’t believe us, do a google search on your subject. More than likely, the results will pull up at least one blog.

Another key to achieving stickiness is making regular posts. No matter what you say, whether it’s good, bad or indifferently “just the facts,” the posts need to be fairly frequent. Some bloggers post every day, 365 days a year, while others post once a week. The majority of us post somewhere in between – about five or six times a week.

Making frequent posts, we establish ourselves as someone who is committed to our craft. Just like with podcasting, the posts need to be made on a frequent basis so that readers or listeners, in the case of podcasts, don’t get frustrated and quit checking your blog for new posts. That is the problem many unsuccessful bloggers experience. If we see that we only get a handful of hits or visits to our blog, we get frustrated about the success of our blog, and therefore the frequency of our posts diminishes, which, in turn, only adds to the frustration of the few readers we have daily when there’s nothing new on your blog site.

So keep writing and posting your blogs, and we’ll try to do the same. “Ping you later.”

How ‘bout it?

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    I enjoyed reading your blog.

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