If Comcast Had Only Known…

tre-cover.jpgRecently, we moved our office, and therefore were reliant on Comcast to come to our home and provide us with a new internet connection in the bedroom (upstairs) rather than the living room where the computer had been in the living room (downstairs).We called to schedule a service tech to come do the required work. Three days later was the earliest time someone was available. We were given a three-hour window (12 – 3) that the tech was supposed to come. We rearranged our schedules so that someone would be home during those times. When did the tech show up? At 2:35, he called us to make sure we were home, and fifteen minutes later, he arrived. The service he provided was fine – or at least we thought so until the following day. When Comcast called to check on our satisfaction, we explained to them the problem, and they agreed to send someone else out in another three days – this time the window was from 8 – 11.

The breakdown in communication became apparent when someone from Comcast called at 9:28 on the day of service to “remind” us that we were scheduled to have a service tech come out between the hours of 12 and three! That’s when we realized someone was either going through the motions of his/her job, or he wasn’t telling us everything. Two calls later with Comcast, we spoke with Mary, and she provided me with the assurance that she would get a tech to our house as soon as possible.

Finally, a service tech arrived and performed the requested service and even helped us improve our computer’s speed even more.

The point is this: If Comcast’s Customer Account Executives had read The Emergence of The Relationship Economy, they could have realized that not only does rapid service come into play in establishing relationships, but also the follow-through of that service. If they had read the book, they could have learned what matters to us – and they wouldn’t have wasted our most precious commodity, time.

Are YOU and your business ready to embrace the change brought on by the swelling wave of The Relationship Economy?

How ’bout it?

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3 Comments on “If Comcast Had Only Known…”

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  2. ISTDave Says:

    In response to your previous letter, see, this is why the human needs to learn how to “operate” their computer, not only operate as in go to this and that website, but needs to know how to install the network, reroute4 the different lines through their router, and eventually end up with the, wait for it, ……………INTERNET! It is really not that hard, and if they knew even a little, then they would not have this problem. Although I do agree with what he or she said about establishing good relationships, that is the way I operate!

  3. […] instance, when we wrote about the poor customer service of Comcast compared with AT&T, we got a phone call from one of the Comcast execs not asking us to […]

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