Comcast is Embracing The Relationship Economy!

customer-service.jpgAs of late, I personally have been rather hard on Comcast and its customer service department. However, just a few minutes ago, I received a phone call on our land-line, not my cell. Usually, when there is a call in the middle of the day, it’s someone asking for donations or wanting me to buy something, so I’ve learned to be skeptical when I answer our home phone.

The voice from the other end of the line gave me his full name and said he worked for Comcast in the Corporate Head-Quarters, and he read was calling about my blog.

“Oh,” I said as if I had been turned in for writing profanities on the bathroom wall in elementary school. Totally caught off-guard, I asked him to repeat his name and tell me again for whom he worked.

“Frank Eliason,” he said, “and I actually work for Comcast Corporate.” So I was speaking with someone who could actually do something about the service provided. As my mind was still trying to get a grasp on the fact that someone who could really do something about my recent blog topics, Frank went on to explain that Comcast is trying to improve on customer satisfaction. He said that Comcast has not always had the best customer service, and that they are beginning to implement new tools and techniques which will enhance the customers’ experiences.

What shocked and surprised me most of all was that Comcast, the cable Giant, was now beginning to engage The Relationship Economy! With the number influential bloggers and online social networks, companies must find a new way of maintaining customer satisfaction and creating customer loyalty.

Comcast is one of the first companies to “adopt” these new methodologies and communication techniques. By paying more attention to blogs and client forums and networks, Comcast is setting the bar very high, indeed, for all companies wanting to compete with them – and for businesses in general!

Kudos to you, Comcast!

How ‘bout it?

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3 Comments on “Comcast is Embracing The Relationship Economy!”

  1. Scott Allen Says:

    Well, it’s a start. 🙂 It will take a while for them and others (don’t get me started about our recent fiasco with Bank of America) to make the changes that are needed, but having a real conversation with a real human being who is tasked with something other than getting you off the phone as soon as possible is a step in the right direction.

  2. Carter Smith Says:

    In honor of your success, we have developed the Conversation on Comcast on Facebook. Come check it out at

    Make sure to invite all your friends!

  3. […] that monitors the blogosphere, and immediately addresses customers’ concerns or problems. Click here to see what we mean. Working to make the customer service issue less painless for customers should be on the front […]

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