power_up1.jpgWith all the networking we do online, it’s easy to forget that sometimes networking events in the physical world are part of growing your business.

Attending the Nashville Christian Business Networking meeting, I was blessed to hear Susan DePue, “On Target Marketing Coach” and author of Power Up, provide us with inspirational tips for effective ways to attend networking meetings.

DePue gave us pointers about networking, and though many of them seem to be self-explanatory, it was good to have someone who has been networking many years let us know why networking events weren’t always as productive as they could be.

DePue said that before every networking event, we need to have a firm mission and purpose for going. We should use the USA method for determining our mission. U – use our skill-set, passion and gifts for what we do professionally. If we don’t really love what we’re doing, we’re probably suited for another line of work. S – share with others our own experiences. Telling others about what we do and how it benefits others. A – assists at least one other person whom we meet. Whether we can provide a job, connection or even a book recommendation, we need to be able to help others at the networking meetings. If we don’t, and we’re there only to make sales, get clients and make our own aspirations come to fruition, then it will become apparent to the others who are there for unselfish reasons, and as a result, they will begin to shy away from us because we are seen as only takers, not givers.

The same could be applied to online social networking websites. Those who are seen only as “vultures,” or users for lack of a better word, will soon find themselves exposed for what they are.

There is a reason it’s called Net-WORKING!

Correspondence is essential after a networking meeting. If all we do is go to a meeting, collect business cards and keep them in a desk drawer, what we have done is nothing more than socializing. Sometimes we follow up with folks, but other times we think, “Well, they are of no use to me,” or “What can I provide them???” Most of us – no matter how honorable our intentions at the time were – are guilty of not following up with people whom we’ve met a meetings. There is always some reason not to call someone after a meeting. Whether it’s because we get busy, or we don’t see the need in forming a relationship with others in attendance, sometimes we don’t send a quick email, make a quick phone call, or drop a postcard in the mail.

This is unacceptable! We MUST – without exception – make an effort to make some sort of connection with others we meet. That’s the whole reason we’re there in the first place: TO NETWORK.If it didn’t involve work of some sort, it would be called Netplay, Net-eat&drink, or YouTube.

How ’bout it?

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