Generate Capital for YOUR BUSINESS!

relationshipeconomy-mid.jpgAgain, this is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. Our plan for you, the reader/business person, is to learn the value of relationships in The Relationship Economy, thereby engaging more people with a richer understanding of what the “new” currency will be in this new system of doing business.

What all that means:

For the most part, people enjoy reciprocity. When someone does us a favor, we strive to return the favor – or at least provide the giver with something of equal or greater value. Though not always the case, the general business population (i.e. anyone to whose name we wouldn’t mind being connected) feels almost an obligation to reciprocate. Maybe it was our upbringing, but we know “it’s the right thing to do.”

In April of last 2007, Jay Deragon contacted someone whom he never met to inquire about a price for writing a press release. Mark Kerrigan, the owner of On the Mark Writing, contacted Sherman Mohr, the organizer of the Nashville Entrepreneur Meetup Groupto ask about Mr. Deragon.

“Jay is probably the best-connected businessman in Nashville,” Sherman told Kerrigan, “and if I were you, I’d take care of him.”

So Kerrigan emailed Deragon indicating that through a promotion with Meetup, there would be no charge for the initial press release. “That’s my mindset,” Deragon wrote back. “Give and you shall receive.” Thus, the relationship was born.

Over the course of a month, the relationship grew, and unbeknownst to Kerrigan, he was engaging in the emergence of The Relationship Economy.At their first face-to-face meeting, Deragon asked Kerrigan, “What can I do for you?” What an impact that had on the writer!

Kerrigan became the administrator and then co-owner of the social networking platform Link to Nashville, founded by Jay Deragon. And the business kept rolling in at On the Mark Writing.

Because of his relationship with Deragon, Kerrigan was contracted by Margaret Orem, founder of Link to New York, to write a monthly newsletter for the website.

In the fall of 2007, Kerrigan was again contracted by Orem to do the first edit of the upcoming book The Emergence of The Relationship Economy.

What’s the point?

By doing that first press release for free, Kerrigan gained more than a couple hundred dollars. Not only the monetary value of the work performed to date, but through the relationships and information to which he was exposed, Kerrigan was able to cash-in on The Relationship Economy.

Relationships create value, or they require. The more people and businesses who join The Relationship Economy,the faster those who excel at creating and maintaining relationships will profit from it!

How ’bout it?

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  1. i need you for a more meaningful business.

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