Making $$$ with the Social Web

relationshipeconomy-mid.jpgAds and emails (spam) proliferate the internet promoting hundreds (or thousands) of “get rich quick” schemes. Many of the ideas promote and advocate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools or “spamming” friends and contact lists with products to enlarge, slim, or whiten or generally make some aspect of their lives better.

But those “businesses” don’t get it. The social web is not only a tool with which one can promote products – which may or may not do what the ad-execs say they will. Think about it, why would a business release trade secrets to a worldwide audience that reveal its money-making ability? Bottom line, it wouldn’t. Especially if that particular business has a corner on the market (i.e. if it’s the only business doing whatever it does).

The true key to making money on the Web

In The Cluetrain Manifesto, Doc Searls states that markets are conversations. The Social Web is simply a technological tool which enables these conversations, and the conversations (should be) designed to be influential to others. It is not just for the younger generations. Social Networking Strategist (mogul/guru) Jay Deragon explores this fact in his blog.

Call “it” a fad, a “thing that kids use” or whatever you want but to ignore “its” influence is like saying “Our business doesn’t need any customers”.

The new “system of influence” is unlike any other system used by business. Its primary elements are connectivity with people and conversational content which connects people. So how connected is your business? How influential are your conversations? Maybe you need a new “system.”

The real key to making money on the web is by having good conversations. The quality of the conversations is determined by the contentwhich makes them up. The sphere of influence can be established and grown by attracting more readers to whatever the portal happens to be. The “MySpace Generation” doesn’t get it. Many people post on other peoples’ walls or personal pages with comments like, “Just wanted to say hi!” or something along those lines.

While that may be fine for the younger members of the social web, business people need to have quality content in whatever they post. Quality content provides greater readership, which provides a greater sphere of influence, which will, in turn, provide the business with more clients and customers.

The Long and The Short of It:

When pop-up ads or emails come across the screen professing to be the “best thing since sliced bread,” one should be very skeptical and view whatever offer with a degree of cynicism. The surest way to become wealthy through the Social Web is to produce high-quality posts with good content. It’s really not a quick process, is it?

 How ’bout it?

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  1. […] Making $$$ with the Social Web …screen professing to be the "best thing since sliced bread," one should be very skeptical and view whatever offer with a degree of cynicism. […]

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