You ARE Your Clients!

the-brand-you-50.jpgWe’ve all gotten irritated by the clerks at the convenience store on the telephone with a line two or three deep. Customer/client service is not a priority for them. They just show up to work and get paid. There’s really nothing to make them actually want to excel. They get paid the same no matter if they only do the bare minimum or if they really provide the customers with awesome service and a smile!

In The Brand You 50, author Tom Peters advises all “Brand-You-Wanna-Bes” to become their clients. This is an especially poignant point and we feel it deserves its own post on The Communications Factors.

The issues which are most important to your clients should be the same issues which are most important to YOU. If your clients wants to have remarkable turn-around time with whatever it is that they sell, it needs to be of paramount importance to Brand YOU. If clients view grammatical clarity and correct usage of punctuation as important, YOUR brand needs to invest in The AP Stylebook or The Chicago Manual of Style, The Bedford Handbook for Writers etc.

Clients and customers want what’s important to them to also be important to those with whom they do business. When someone is in a hurry, he doesn’t want whoever is helping him to be involved with several different tasks – no matter how important those tasks are.

In essence, the customers’/clients’ needs and wishes should become the needs and wishes of Brand You. If the client values not making waves or not offending his clients/customers/beneficiaries, then, by all means, Brand YOU needs to concentrate on not offending others.

How ’bout it?

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