Personal Branding and YOU, inc.

the-brand-you-50.jpgYesterday, I went out and bought The Brand YOU50 by Tom Peters. Though I’m not very far into it, I can tell you it was a good investment. Written in 1999, The Brand YOU50is a forward-looking/thinking book that is “on the mark.”

When I first heard that “You have to brand yourself,” I had visions of hot iron and a ranch in Texas or somewhere. Noticing my puzzled look, my mentor and friend Jay Deragon explained it further: “You want On the Mark Writing to be a name people recognize. Like Disney or Oprah.” Then it started to click.

Branding shouts distinction, passion, and commitment. The “Brand YOU” needs to systemically join all elements of your being with what you do. The message must be something about which you are an expert, and you must have the credentials to back up your message.

It doesn’t matter if you are a writer, a chef, a rock star, an athlete, or a musician, you just have to brand yourself – without hot iron – in order to be successful in the professional world. Once you have decided what you want Brand YOU to convey, you then should strive to achieve the marriage between what you want to convey and what your actions do convey about you.

Take, for example, the anger management counsellor. What would it do to his/her business if he was seen cussing and throwing a temper tantrum in rush-hour traffic? The results would not be very good.

Dan Schawbel has an excellent blogon the subject of Personal Branding, and I highly reccomend it.

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