Why Many Businesses Aren’t On the Social Web

social-networking.jpgAgain, Jay Deragon is on the mark with his analysis: “If businesses want to succeed in a “social network” they must engage, exchange and connect with people in order to reap any benefits of social commerce.”

What many businesses don’t realize is that the social web is not just “social” anymore. People conduct business, gather leads and research potential clients via the “social web.” Not only are businesses ignoring the fact that the social networks are more than a way to have fun while wasting time, but they are missing the point that the key to success is building relationships. What better way to do that than a little time online at various social networks every day?

No more will it be possible to hang a shingle outside your door to establish yourself as a business. The world is getting smaller, and the social web brings customers from half-way around the globe to your front door. The key, when someone knocks on your door, is to open it and find out what he or she needs.

Continuing the metaphor just a bit longer, if someone from a distant place comes to your place of business, you don’t start forcing them to try out the latest gadget or gizmo like a door-to-door u salesman. First, what you (hypothetically) would do is to find out what the visitor wants or needs.

In many department stores, the potential customer is asked by several salespeople, “Can I help you?” Or “Do you need any help?” In the store, you are in control: you have the knowledge of what you need. It is only after you give them that information that they take a pushier approach: “Let me show you this…” or “You’ll like this…”

It’s the same online. Businesses need to find out what is needed before closing the deal or making the sale. Unless the big corporations begin engaging the social networks and establishing relationships, they won’t be able to profit from The Relationship Economy.

How ’bout it?

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