The Future of the Advertising Business

With 2007 coming to an end, The Relationship Economy is on its way to becoming in full-swing. The social web has created waves of cascading conversations.

These conversations often start out as ripples but then gain momentum with time. As more people come to realize that the key to becoming successful in business are these cascading conversations.

They are organic conversations which start out by people talking about what’s important to them via the host of social networks. It starts out one to one, then moves on to millions. By using the medium of social networks, people are able to share and collaborate with those who are beyond their typical social circles of influence.

Big Business – and the advertising agencies of such – must learn the benefits of using these  cascading conversations rather than slick ad campaigns. Otherwise, they will lose their impressive market shares.

Cascading conversations carry an idea forward in ever-broadening circles. The very nature of cascading conversation implies, “the conversation creates the results.” The social web creates the medium to engage thousands…then millions…of people. These people create conversations centric to topics of interest and issues of affinity with others who have migrated to groups-commonly known as swarms.

Click here to read the rest of social networking strategist Jay Deragon’s post on the subject.

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