Changing Paradigms

stivers_pavlovs_dog.jpgIn the world of today, large corporations have a firewall of red tape protecting them from the outside; the management has very little autonomy when it comes to making decisions: The branch manager has to get the okay from the district manager, and the district manager has to get the okay from the regional manager; the regional manager has to get the okay from the board of directors, who have to get the okay from the shareholders, and the list goes on. And that’s just within the upper echelons of the workforce! I haven’t even mentioned the masses of hourly employees who have to jump             through various hoops and ring Pavlov’s dog’s bell before they can even approach management with an innovative idea. (Actually, I’m not sure about Pavlov’s bell. I doubt they allow dogs in the workplace.) TEXT IN BUBBLE OF CARTOON: “Watch what I can make Pavlov do. As soon as I drool, he’ll smile and write in his Little Book.”

Social networking strategist Jay Deragon explains that many of the large companies just don’t get it:

The social web is not abound slick marketing, corporate speak or networking as a “thing” rather it is all about conversations that develop and build relationships. It is about listening, giving, sharing and connecting with your employees, customers, suppliers who by the way are people and not things.

What the management is missing is that marketing is best done not by fancy, million-dollar ad campaigns, but by creating relationships that stand up under fire. One-to-one, then to millions! Corporations need to have a team devoted to nothing but maintaining good relationships with customers via the internet.

I have a Hewlett-Packard all-in-one and was having some difficulty with it. I went to the HP Support page and clicked on Chat with Online Technician. After explaining the problem I was having, the tech provided me with easy-to-follow instructions, and I was able to get my HP PSC 2210v to do what I wanted it to.

A few months later after changing email addresses, I had the very same problem. I couldn’t remember what they had said, so I just clicked on “Chat” again, and explained that I had sought help from them before on this same issue, but I couldn’t remember how it was done. Again, within only a few moments, I was able to operate my machine as it was designed. (They said it had something to do with the fact I was running IE 7, or something like that.)

If major corporations and large companies had a “social marketing” team, they would be able to establish relationships with the customers/clients, thereby creating brand loyalty among existing customers.

How ’bout it?

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