Answers to Today’s Quiz

If you don’t have the slightest idea about the quiz, click here and read the post which comes up before you continue to read this post.

  1. The snow does’nt rise any higher than the horses’ fetlocks. [more than one horse] It should be “doesn’t” since the apostrophe forms a contraction of does not.

  2. For a bus driver, complaints, fare disputes, and robberies are all part of a days work. Should be day‘s, since the work belongs to the day. It could effectively be written “all part of the work of a day.”

  3. Each day the menu features a different countries’ dish. The article “a” shows that it is only one country which has food featured on the menu. Therefore the correction “country‘s” should be made.

  4. We cleared four years accumulation of trash out of the attic; its amazing how much junk can pile up. The accumulation was of four years, and therefore years needs to be possessive: “years’ .”

  5. Booties are placed on the sled dogs feet to protect them from sharp rocks and ice. [more than one dog] Since sled dogs is plural, the apostrophe alone should be added to form “dogs’ .”

  6. Sue and Ann went to a party for a friend of theirs’. There shouldn’t be an apostrophe in this sentence. Their is already possessive, and so is theirs, so no apostrophe should be used in this case. Don’t confuse this with the contraction, “there’s” as in, “there is ice on the window.” The apostrophe in there’s takes the place of the -i and forms a contraction.

  7. Three teenage son’s can devour about as much food as four full-grown field hands. The only difference is that they dont do half as much work.“Sons,” in this sentence aren’t give possession of anything. Therefore no apostrophe is needed. However, the word “dont” actually needs an apostrophe because it is the contraction of the words “do” and “not.” The apostrophe takes the place of the -o and allows the two words to be squished together.

  8. Ethiopians’s meals were served on fermented bread. Ethiopians is plural, and therefore only requires the apostrophe to make it possessive. The correct plural form of Ethiopians is Ethiopians .

  9. Luck is an important element in a rock musicians career. Again, we are talking about only one musician, so the possession belongs to him/her. The correct possessive form of ONE musician is musician‘s.

  10. My sister-in-law’squilts are being shown at the Fendrick Gallery. This one is a little tricky. Sister-in-law needs to be possessive, so the correct form is sister‘s-in-law. Actually, there is nothing wrong with that sentence. If the quilts belonged to TWO or MORE in-laws, then you would need to have sisters-in-law’s, I THINK. DOES ANYONE WHO READS THIS BLOG KNOW WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY? I welcome comments and advice. I just really don’t know.

 How ’bout it?

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