Building a Rapport


Ever wondered how some people are able to get loads of folks to follow their blogs or join their groups on Facebook? They know something that many in today’s Web 2.0 world haven’t already learned. (I don’t claim to have this knowledge, but this morning, I had an Ah-Ha! moment.)

There is a Facebook group called Web 2.0 (Entrepreneurs) which contains a subgroup called Web T.e., which stands for Web Trust, Integrity and Ethics. I was reading the description of Web T.e. and learned that it’s a private group. Part of the requirement to join is that you must get one or more people who are already in the group to vouch for you and your business. Here’s the advice they give to get someone to vouch for you:

“What if you don’t know anyone? Start talking. Join the conversation and build a rapport with people.”

That’s when I had the Ah-Ha! moment. The folks who earn six-figures from Adsense alone (or claim they do) have already established a rapport with others because they engage in the tools of Web 2.0. 

I imagine that they are members of various forums, groups, and networking sites. I have never personally met anyone who says they routinely make $100,000 annually from ad sales alone, but I do know someone who gets close to 400 hits to his blog daily. He is a voracious reader, makes effective comments, and is involved with more online networking sites than anyone else I know.

He has gotten out there and started conversations, listened to what the pundits and others said, and has established himself as an expert in his field.

 Doing this, I propose, is what we all need to do in order to generate triple-digit blog hits or get hundreds or thousands of people to join our groups. We need to start talking, start building online relationships, and find the crest of the Web 2.0 technology wave!

How ’bout it?

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