Border Crossing: Are Mexicans Taking Over?

Immigration, in general, is a touchy subject. People have various opinions and feel strongly about their own. Being in Nashville, Tenn., there is a fairly large Hispanic population, but are they here legally or illegally?

Radio talk-show host Phil Valentine has a recurring theme of illegal immigration, but how do you know whether your neighbors are illegal? Maybe I’m just naive, but I usually think people have the appropriate cards/papers/what-have-you to be here without breaking the law.

How do you know if someone is an illegal alien? Why would you think, that just because someone’s skin is different from your own, that person is here illegally? I mean, unless you catch them trying to cross the border, or you see them wash up on some beach in Florida, you really don’t know, do you?

I’m really conflicted about the whole immigration thing. What about when the first settlers came to this land from Europe? They were illegals. And they even wrote songs about their conquest: “This land is your land. This land is my land.” Really, it’s nobody’s land; and it’s all of our land.

I would be really interested in hearing from you, the reader(s) about this topic. I invite comments, but keep them respectful.

How ’bout it?

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2 Comments on “Border Crossing: Are Mexicans Taking Over?”

  1. AP Says:

    Given that the US population is aging, there may be reason to consider allowing in more workers so that we can legitimately tap into them for taxes and services to cover what we are losing to age. Watcha think?

  2. No red or blue jersey is professing deportation of the 40 million illegal alien law breakers that are already in our country. All of the redand blue jerseys that have held an elected position have not moved in theirrespective position to enforce the current immigration laws. Their action orshould say inaction indicates that they have no respect for our system oflaws. If they are willing to subvert one law what will keep them fromsubverting others. So I say vote for Tom Millican; check out what hebelieves

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