Last night, I attended the Entrepreneurial Meetup to hear Charles Whitnel, President of RGA, speak about what it takes to make a “quantum leap in Personal Development.” We are all strapped for time, but Whitnel explained how we can fit the activities of THREE DAYS into a single working day. Doing so takes some (practice), but it is entirely possible if you maintain your focus.

You know how some people are able to get more done in a single day than what seems humanly possible? What they do compress time frames. And they get three working days into one day! “Yeah, right,” you say.

They don’t check email unnecessarily, they don’t call their significant others, they don’t take a long lunch, they don’t go to the post office when there’s something more important to be done. To compress time frames successfully, THEY FOCUS ON ONLY THE INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES!

The example he gave was someone starting to work at 7 a.m. and go, non-stop, for four or five hours. That’s not taking coffee breaks, chatting at the water cooler, etc. Boom! That’s your first day. The second day, Whitnel said, was from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. By using the same strategy of not taking smoke breaks or refilling their coffee cups, they are able to cram the same amount of work into four hours that you or I could get done in a whole day. “That’s great, but that’s only two days.” Well Mr. Whitnel said that someone can then work another four hours, from 5 – 9, and finish off the third day.

The “trick” is to maintain discipline and keep yourself from becoming distracted. Since I work from home, it’s imperative I leave the television off and limit non work-related  phone calls. What works for you?

How ’bout it?

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