Your Brand: More on Personal Branding

David Sandusky of Your Individual Brand recently commented on my post titled “The Communications Factors and ‘Personal Branding’,” and helped to bring clarity to the meaning of Personal Branding:

A pitch/logo, etc. represent a brand, but the personal brand is the experience people have with you. Success when the experience matches the pitch. (bold added).

So if you are promoting yourself as a expert of anger management techniques, and you end up yelling or cursing at your customers when they don’t pay on time, the experience they have with you doesn’t match the message or “pitch,” as Sandusky says.

The same way personal trainers have lean, toned, sculpted bodies. If I were to become a trainer, not a single person would believe me when I told him/her the techniques I use for excercise! (I realize that most readers have never seen me, but let me say that I’m just under 5′ 8″, 215 pounds, and a little “squishy” above the belt. Add to that the fact that I smoke, and you have a recipe for what you could look like if you don’t use a personal trainer!)

When starting out in structured networking groups, I remember I had a difficult time speaking in front of the group. I attributed my shyness to “being a writer, not a public speaker.” If I had been trying to get the group to schedule me as the keynote for a motivational speaking seminar, I would have fallen flat.

So we’ve eliminated potential jobs of public speaker and personal trainer, but the most important element for my brand is grammar. I will NEVER ask someone, “Where do you work at?” I don’t even like asking my dog what he’s barking at. Why, I was taught that sentences shouldn’t be ended with a preposition (at, to, on, in, etc…). I pride myself on writing and speaking in a manner that is grammatically correct, and that is the essential element of my personal brand.

When the experience matches the message, success follows.

How ’bout it?

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