The Communications Factors and “Personal Branding”

Personal Branding involves allowing yourself to be “pigeon-holed.” It defines who you are, what you do, and what you know. Personal branding needs to be considered as one of the major hurdles one must conquer if one is to succeed in business – especially as an entrepreneur.

Personal branding is sort of like an elevator pitch detailing what it is that you do and where you do it. For those who are not accustomed to networking, the elevator pitch is about 45 to 60 seconds long, with which you tell others why they should bother doing business with you. (Usually the time it takes to go from the lobby to the top floor of a building.)

  • During the elevator pitch, you need to define a problem: “You know how…but…[then present a problem].”
  • Then you need to say, “Well, here’s what I do.” Then go outline what it is you do and how it deals with the problem.
  • Finally, take the opportunity with your “captive” audience to tell them what you want them to do.

This is the elevator pitch I use for Link to Nashville (my hometown):

You know how on networking sites like LinkedIn, MySpace, and Facebook, you have a ton of contacts, but they’re all over the map?

Well, with Link to Nashville, I provide you with the tools to network with others who are in Middle-Tennessee!

Link to Nashville provides you with a means and a forum, if you will, to market to your target audience – the ones who are most likely to buy from you. We can run ads providing users with one-click access to your website or podcast, and, most importantly, give you a means to brand yourself in today’s Relationship Economy!

As more adults learn about the benefits of social networking, the virtual space is going to explode with possibilities. Come check out Link to!

Okay, personal branding is having an elevator pitch…

Having an elevator pitch is only one part of Personal Branding. There are many more aspects to branding yourself and your business if you indeed want to be successful. For more information about Personal Branding, check out the Personal Branding Blog.

How ’bout it?

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2 Comments on “The Communications Factors and “Personal Branding””

  1. Nice pitch/commercial. A pitch/logo, etc. represent a brand, but the personal brand is the experience people have with you. Success when the experience matches the pitch. See you around LinkedIn, let me know if I can be a connector for you.

  2. […] David Sandusky of Your Individual Brand recently commented on my post titled “The Communications Factors and ‘Personal Branding’,” and helped to bring clarity to the meaning of Personal Branding: A pitch/logo, etc. […]

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