The Communications Factors: Influence People!

All along, I have maintained that the Communications Factors are the most powerful of the 20 – make that 21 – factors which constitute the emerging Relationship Economy. Other factors, such as economic, gender, media, individual and technology factors, all are dependent on the Communications Factors!

Think about this: a team of experts, led by Jay Deragon, Scott Allen, Tia Carr Williams and Margaret Orem and others,  has written a book about the emerging Relationship Economy maintain that the media factor establishes a means with which to influence others. Take a look at the Media Factor.

In his blog, Deragon states that the shift within the media is from the few to the many. And he further explains that sociologists indeed recognize the roles the “Mass Media” play in the world today.

Few sociologists would refute the importance of the mass media, and mass communications as a whole, as being a major factor in the construction and circulation of social understanding and social imagery in modern societies. Therefore it is argued that the mass media is used as “an instrument”, both more powerful and more flexible than anything in previous existence, for influencing people into certain modes of belief and understanding within society.

But without communications, Mass Media would consist of simply “talking heads” providing gibberish for the readers and viewers. Nothing would make sense; everything would be thrown at the masses to gain maximum exposure; however it would fall on deaf ears since there is little pertinence to you!

The key to using the technologies of today to benefit you and your business is to achieve the greatest “stickiness” of the information you offer. Just like cooking pasta, “It’s done when it sticks to the wall,” you message needs to be crafted in such a way that it “sticks” in people’s minds. Large companies spend millions, if not billions, of dollars on advertising sot they get just the right jingle or slogan or memorable commercial.

Without such a tremendous ad budget, you, and I for that matter, need to ensure that we don’t waste our money without producing results. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have carefully-crafted message. Sales letters and marketing collateral with poor grammar may not only limit your sales, but may also damage your reputation as a business!

How ’bout it?

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