The Communications Factors: The New Order of Business


Today, I was truly inspired when I read networking strategist, Jay Deragon’s blog on the New Order of Business. I had a bit of an ah-hah! moment. In order for businesses or people, for that matter, to fully engage in The Relationship Economy of social networking, they have to use the Communications Factors to increase profits.

Deragon writes that improving a business is a never-ending task, and businesses must take seven steps in order to improve:

  1. Branding within specific channels
  2. Customer Relationship Management
  3. Supplier integrations and communications
  4. Employee orientation, training and communications
  5. One to One Marketing
  6. Media Relations
  7. Market Relations

Without the Communications Factors, businesses, unable to take any of these steps, would be destined to remain in the status-quo, or worse, fail trying.


Without the Communications Factors, it would be next to impossible to brand yourself and your business in today’s world of multi-media distractions and demands on your customers’ or clients’ attention. But with the Communications Factors, virtually anyone is able to become as much a household name as Walt Disney. Just look at Hannah Montana and Britney Spears.

Customer Relationships:

Suppose you’ve established your brand and have a dozen or so clients. What happens when there is a question or problem with your service or product. There needs to be a way for your customers/clients to contact you immediately. With the invent of cell phone and blackberries, staying in touch with clients is easier than ever before. But you need to establish relationship with clients if you hope to stay in business. You should either call them, send them a letter or an email letting them know you are interested in more than making one sale. Social networks enable this process easily.

Supplier integrations and communications:

Once you establish yourself and have a relationship with customers, you need to be able to communicate with your suppliers. What if you get a box of widgets that are faulty, thereby making your product not work correctly? You need to be able to communicate with the supplier the problem. Then you need to communicate the desired solution. Ultimately, your customers should have the problem communicated to them, also.

Employee orientation and training:

This is where the hammer hits steel. You have to use the Communications Factors to convey what you want the employees to do and how they need to act during business hours. How do you want them to answer the phone? “Hello,” or “Thanks for calling On the Mark Writing. this is Mark. Can I help you?” You also need to train your employees about your product. Nothing is more irritating than asking a salesperson about a product and having them tell you they don’t know.  Period. Do you want your salespeople to say, “I’m not sure about that, but let me go find out?”

These are but four steps which must be included into the effective management of the growth of any business.  Future posts will focus on other steps businesses must take to be profitable in The Relationship Economy.

How ’bout it?

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    Hi, I wondered if you’d be interested in swapping links, or discussing opportunities to work together. I am a writer, editor and, currently, focussing on using podcasting as a way of helping businesses improve efficiency.

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