The Communications Factors: Using Them to Your Betterment

In order to grow your business in the emerging Relationship Economy, you need to get yourself noticed. Actually, if you want to grow personally, you need to get noticed. The best way to generate leads, contacts and clients/customers – essentially income – for your business is to utilize the Communications Factors. But how???


I contend that the easiest and most effective means to provide yourself with the credibility required to have a lucrative business is to maintain a blog, research current topics others find interesting, and get involved in at least one online social network. (With LinkedIn, Link to (whereever), plus many others – too numerous to name, and now Google’s networking site, there’s no shortage of options.

Maintain a Blog.

I said you should maintain a blog, but if you don’t type that well or you don’t really enjoy writing because you’ve forgotten those pesky grammatical rules, you can do a podcast. You can also, so I’ve heard, do a video-cast or vlog which will take the place of writing with Web 2.0.

Research current topics of interest.

One of the coolest things to do when you can’t think of anything to write or say, is to go to Technorati and click on WTF (that’s Where’s the Fire). When you click on the button, you see what the hottest blogs, or vlogs, are. Then you can vote on specific sites to help it achieve higher ranking in the WTF page, thereby giving it greater visibility to search engines. And even if you don’t vote, sometimes you can find something which speaks to your muse, as they say. If you don’t believe me, check out yesterday’s post.

Get involved in online social networking. nashville-skyline.jpg

One of my favorite online social networking sites is Link to Nashville. Link to Nashville is a social networking site which is geared for the business-minded person. Sure there are fun things on the site, but it’s not really like Facebook, soyou don’t have people throwing sheep at you.

Specifically, LTN is designed to enable people from all walks of life to collect, collaborate and share with others – no matter what their industry is. There’s no requirement of residency to join Link to Nashville, so I encourage you to come check it out!

How ’bout it?

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