Writer’s Block?


My first-grade son was recently assigned a “Conversation Journal” by his teacher in which she writes him a question and he responds for the following Friday. This week he and I sat at the kitchen table waiting for Mom to get home from work, and he couldn’t come up with a reasonable response for the first question posed him, “What do you think?”


So he had writer’s block. The dreaded, multi-dimensional deamon which at one time or another plagues all writers was now attacking my son. Recently, I have battled with it, myself.

The flow of suggestions for topics flowed from me like a mountain brook swelling its banks from the melting snows. “Why don’t you write about this weekend – going camping?” My son didn’t want to write about that. Halloween? Nope. The dog. Uh-huh. Nothing I offered provided him with the muse he needed to put pencil to paper – other than to color in the letters from what he teacher had written.

Now I don’t think my son is going to be the next great novelist, but for me to be a writer and him not want to write anything, it just drives me nuts! But it occurs to me that I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!!

Many times I have trouble getting started. The definition of writer’s block? Could be. I think, “Well, I just don’t have anything to write about.” Or, “Who would care about that?” After I get going, though, I find the words flow like a trout stream – not that fast, but always going, never stopping.

How ’bout it?

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