The Communications Factors: I’m Back With More Info!


Taking this week off from blogging, I was busy writing and editing a manuscript which we hope to have published by December 1st.

But in doing this, I was posed with the question of what the “correct” method of writing online, on-line, or on line. So I went out and bought the 2007 edition of The Associated Press Stylebook. Here’s what I found: “online One word in all cases for the computer connection term” (p 177).

However, I have reported via my blog and other means, that The AP Stylebook instructed that the “correct” way of writing the computer term was “on-line” (AP Stylebook. 1994. p 144).

Here I was, faced with two credible sources in opposition, having to choose between the two. I decided to go with the most recent, and it was really an easy choice when it came down to it.

I appologise that I may have given erroneous information in the previous posts. (I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong, rather than just pretending that I never said it.)

The discrepency between the Stylebooks started me thinking about the way language has changed within the past 13 years. Just as how language changed over time from Old English to Modern English we speak today, the language will continue to evolve. And it will do so at a faster clip than ever before with the invent of the internet and Web 2.0 technologies.

Future posts will flush out these ideas.

How ’bout it?

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