The Communications Factors: What We Say Impacts Our Future!

Based on past articles I’ve read, employers and even schools are checking the backgrounds of potential employees and students. Even my pastor mentioned in his sermon several weeks ago, that he and the Youth Minister visit social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook to learn what sorts of things the younger generation is up against.


Then it occurred to me that just because there are so many people on the ‘net with Web 2.0 knocking on everyone’s door, it doesn’t mean that you can get away with posting whatever you want. I read where a student posted some photos of himself at a party wearing women’s clothing on MySpace. When school administrators saw the photos, they expelled him on the spot.

He, his parents and his lawyers protested that he was just kidding around and that he was expressing his First Amendment rights, but the school, or place of business is well-within their rights to expel or terminate someone for blemishing the reputation.

At the risk of sounding “old,” I want to provide all the readers out there with an impartial person’s perspective of what should and what should not be posted on the web. I’m not a teacher or your parent, and personally, I don’t care what you do. I just don’t want you to do it around me or my family. When what you do starts to affect my family, then we’re goin’ to have problems.

If you drink, do it responsibly. If you want to get drunk, just make sure you stay off the road. And if you’re underage, DON’T post photos from a party of you holding a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other!

If you smoke pot, again, stay off the road. And personally, I don’t understand why you would ever join a group that argues marijuana’s merits. I spent about 30 minutes browsing MySpace the other day, and the one recurrent theme I kept seeing was something which resembled pot, or bud, I guess. (Can you tell I’m not into the drug scene?) I know there are some medicinal benefits of marijuana, and I’m not here to debate that point or any other aspect of its use. That’s not the reason for this post.

Yes, you have a Constitutional right to express yourself however you want, and there is nothing illegal about your posting something which implies that you are a pot smoker, but doing so may come back to bite you on the buttocks. Think about your future employers, your future business partners/ventures/investors, your future in-laws, and your children. What you do today may be completely legal, but it may cause you pain or embarrassment later in life.

How ’bout it?

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