The Paradigm Shift Begins

When we mention social networking and its attraction of millions, the first question which comes to the minds of those who have yet to discover the benefits of networking is, “What’s in it for me?” But the paradigm with which we view the world is beginning to shift. Those who “get it” are the ones who most freely give of their time and the information they have learned.


As sociologists have explained over the years, the people who “get” the most from life are the ones who “give” the most. In his blog post titled, “The Psychology Factors,” strategist Jay Deragon exlplains the trend.

People try to satisfy them [Maslow’s hierarchy of needs] in order:- Firstly their basic needs for survival (food and shelter), secondly they satisfy their need for security, and so on. Although this results in selfish behavior when people are operating at the lower levels (competition for food and water), those who have overcome the basic struggle to survive behave differently as they draw strength from quality relationships and begin to seek higher goals such as a sense of belonging and a purpose in their lives.

So the shift begins. The Yahoo! groups exemplify the tendancy of people, in general, to provide knowledge and information, even mentoring, to others free of charge. Those who are “in the know” realize that there is more to life than just “stuff.” They create their own realities through positive thought and the desire to help as many people as possible.

How ’bout it?

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2 Comments on “The Paradigm Shift Begins”

  1. I totally agree with sharing knowledge and ideas and I totally agree with using such knowledge with integrity and sincerity, but I draw the line when people mine and take from the social networking sites great ideas and essays and thoughts and then package them for personal gain. This I find utterly pathetic and I predict when those who finally “get it” will no longer be sharing their ideas and knowledge so freely.

    Social Networking sites are a mine of free ideas and there is a hell of a lot of money being made off of the mining of data and repackaging that takes place by unscrupulous capitalists.

  2. You say,”Those who “get it” are the ones who most freely give of their time and the information they have learned.”

    I suggest you read the Renaissance Factor on Jay’s blog A Relationship Economy @

    & by the way thanks for deleting my comment. If you don’t want comments then turn off the comments. I have never been so insulted my friend. Going to speak to Jay about this; would make a good post: The My Way or No Way Factors….!!!!!

    Kind Regards,

    Michael Pokocky

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