The Communications Factors Create a ROI


Why do so many adults – not just the young – spend so much time on social networks? What’s their return on investment for all the time they “waste” on social networks? Networking Strategist Jay Deragon examines this question in his blog:

A rationale and strategic purpose for individuals is one defined around a return on their investment in time spent using social networks for individual purposes.”One might justify a return on time spent with claims of making new friends, enjoying the exchanges of ideas, thoughts, experiences etc.”

So what is it that drawing more and more adults to the online social networking scene? “They must be getting a greater ROI for their time than I do,” you say to yourself. But how?

These adults, some but not all of them, have joined the creators of the Relationship Economy in realizing the value of establishing and maintaining relationships with others online. The tradional return on investment schematics typically involve business capital, or equipment, and the value generated by its use.

Take a lawn service. Say I shell out $4,000 for the latest brand of the greatest lawnmower. Assuming I have the ability to use the mower, and I have plenty of clients, there will be a good return on investment.

The communications factors also enable a return on investment. In the past, there hasn’t been a means for sharing ideas and thoughts – thereby providing me with value. With the technologies of today and tomorrow, we are better-able to recieve value through the social networking scene. We are now faced with the question of defining “value” in our lives. Having freedom is priceless; so is having a sense of purpose. Granted, the ultimate “value” will be when others accept what we call “currency” for goods and services. When the value shif changes, will you be ready?

How ’bout it?

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2 Comments on “The Communications Factors Create a ROI”

  1. its totally upon you how you are using this technology , you are using it in a right way or just for fun?

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