The Communications Factors: What You Say Can Affect Your Customers!

As I read Dan Schawbel’s blog about branding, I was reminded that what you say, either verbally or non-verbally, can really affect the customer’s perception of you and your brand. Dan, whom I’m proud to call a friend, relates a story about his typical visit to BestBuy. The tone used by employees of the store can, and do, turn people off of the BestBuy brand. Click the above link to read his post.


The same way that Dan is rather insulted when asked whether he wants to purchase the extended warrenty for whatever product, clients and customers are affected by our choice of words, the tone we use and other non-verbal clues.

Nixon learned the powerful effect of body language and appearance in the “Great Debates” of 1960 against a well-rested Kennedy. If you’re sweating profusely, scanning the room when you someone’s talking to you, it’s going to be difficult to gain that person’s trust.

The same thing is true when you go to a store to by something. If the salesperson is constantly checking his watch, you feel less important. If he comes up to you with his arms folded, you suspect him of trying to hide something. If HE STARTS YELLING AT YOU ABOUT THE INCREDIBLE DEAL THEY HAVE ON EXTENDED WARRENTIES, you just want to leave – without making a purchase.

The same can be said in the virtual world. If you type in all-caps, as I have just done, it appears that you are screaming at the person. If you begin typing and dont worry bout puntion an grammer and speelling it looks lik you just dont care whatt the persson owheo readss the psot thinksg.

That is not the case here! I do value my readers, and appreciate your taking the time to read my posts.

When so much of business is conducted over the internet, one cannot afford to be sloppy when trying to convey professionalism. What you say and do online can affect your customers’ confidence in you and your brand!

 How ’bout it?

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One Comment on “The Communications Factors: What You Say Can Affect Your Customers!”

  1. the communication is a good way to connect with the people . this is the only way you can mould the person to urself.

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