The Communication Factors. Sharing Views to Influence

The Communication Factors greatly enhance the effect we have on others. Almost anyone with a computer connection can now post a blog, videos, or even create social networks, thereby creating a forum for his views to be shared. The word “publish” means to write/produce something for more than one other person to read/view/hear. With this definition in mind, anyone can become published! (Many of them should not be, but that’s a future post.)

In the past, it took major backing from someone with deep pockets to get your views distributed to a large audience. Think of traditional radio talk-show hosts. First, they have to find a station which shared their interests to “hire” them to perform a show. 

Second, in order to keep their jobs as radio host, they must maintain ratings by providing provocative, timely content. And these are only two obstacles the radio-host has to hurdle to achieve mass distribution to convey the message.

Today, with the proliferation of the internet and Web2.0, communicating to enormous segments of the population only takes a computer with a connection. Essentially, the ability to publish is now easier than ever!

What’s the attraction to becoming published? People want to share their views to influence others. They want to influence the actions of others. Whether religious, political, or financial, philosophies can be influential if they’re from someone who is respected and admired.

People want to feel that they have influence. In a world with wars and senseless killings, not to mention divorce, employment unrest and job uncertainty, people are searching for significance. The want to feel like there is something more to life than just “going through the motions.” They want to know that they are affecting someone’s life besides their own!

People want to be respected. They want to sway others to their ways of thinking by sharing what they believe. What better way to make your thoughts and beliefs known than through the internet and social networks? Make your own views known to the world and begin influencing the masses!

How ’bout it?

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