The Communications Factors. A recap.

We’ve discussed the who, what, when, where and why of the Communications Factors as they relate to the Relationship Economy, so now let’s just hit some of the major points of the previous posts.

The who of Communications Factors is simply everyone. Communications affects us all in some fashion, but in the Relationship Economy, we become not only recipients of the news, but we become aggregators and distributors of the news, as well.

The what of Communications Factors refers to both the techniques for expressing ideas effectively and the technology which enables the expression of ideas. They must be considered together to fully understand their complete impact. Just like Gutenberg’s invention of movable type, the technology of the internet is a catalyst of change whose full effects can only be imagined by those who are the greatest visionaries.

The when is now, and the future – both the distant future and the not-so-distant. We are influenced by the factors of communications currently, and the more people who begin to open, or have their eyes opened for them, the faster and sooner the factors will be noticeable.

The where, as we said, is everywhere information needs to be transferred. The ease the internet provides information allows the entire global community to transfer knowledge about any subject matter it chooses. As we said, we will take on the roles of creators of the news, not just recipients. We will decide what is newsworthy and what is just “fluff.” We will decide whether Lindsay Lohan’s latest trip to rehab should be shared with the world. We will decide how much coverage should be given to the incident involving Andrew Meyer and a Taser.

The why of the Communications Factors is easily understood. Every moment of every day of our lives, we are bombarded with information. If we accept that we cannot escape information (stimuli) without taking extreme measures, we realize that without information and interaction with others, we die. Information is like the atmosphere: It’s all around us wherever we go, but we don’t realize it, but it is only when we remove the atmosphere (or information) that we realize that we can’t live without it. The Communications Factors have emerged through technology, and “there ain’t no stoppin’ ’em, now.”

To quote social networking strategist Jay Deragon, “The change is coming are you ready?” The Communications Factors will not, and cannot, be stopped. The only options for us are to either embrace them and try to “tame” them, or resist the change in futility.

How ’bout it?

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One Comment on “The Communications Factors. A recap.”

  1. the communication is very necessary . but we should keep in check of the standard of the communication .

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