The Communications Factors. Where is it?

Communications can be defined in two ways: Either a : a technique for expressing ideas effectively (as in speech), or b : the technology of the transmission of information (as by print or telecommunication). Definition taken from Miriam-Webster’s on-line dictionary (

The Communications Factors play a role in the Relationship Economy everywhere. That’s right. Every place there is information exchanged, the effect of the Communications Factors is considerable. First, let’s discuss how information can be transferred efficiently. With the number of blogging websites, social networks, and video blogs (or vlogs), information can be shared exponentially easier than ever before! And these are only three of the ways content can be exchanged. Many, many more exist.

The technological aspect of Communications is far more expansive than only those three areas. The Relationship Economy and the internet are to communications today what the invention of movable type by Johannes Gutenberg  in 1410 was to the religious reformation centuries ago! That is, Gutenberg’s press enabled books, in particular the Bible, to be printed more easily than having someone (usually a monk) recopy verbatim what one text said. Therefore, the printing press allowed more books to be “written” more cheaply than ever before! Almost all families in Europe were now able to afford the Bible, and therefore didn’t rely on a priest to read from it only what he wanted the congregation to hear.

With the expanding world of information technologies and applications to make it easier to share information through the internet, we will not only be recipients and filters of the news, but in the emerging Relationship Economy, we will be the ones who decide what is newsworthy and valuable to our networks of friends! Wewill create the news – not just sit in our chair and watch the evening broadcast.

The information which is thrown at us every minute of every day will not be from the well-respected “channels” as it is now, but rather will be from members in our networks! And very probably, we will be the same ones who generate, create, and disseminate the news through our portals!

Wikipedia is a fabulous example of what happens when we, the people of the Relationship Economy, begin to articulate the aggregated information we have collected. Are you prepared for such an important role as to be an aggregator, filter, composer and instrument to spread information, either on-line or off-line?

How ’bout it?

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2 Comments on “The Communications Factors. Where is it?”

  1. communication is a method of exchanging the messages of among the two or more receivers and transmitting sources .

  2. the communication influence should always be thee , so that u can put the impact on others .

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