The Communications Factor. When Is It?

The Communications Factors, with regard to the Relationship Economy, occur right now. The important thing to remember about communication is that no matter what we do, we rely on some form of it. That’s doing anything. All the time.

The best ways to communicate, beyond holding a press-conference or getting Tasered, is to find some means other than email to address a large group of people! With the technological advances, we can sit in our chair and blog our way to national, no, worldwide, exposure! The key is consistency. To be effective, we have to post something every single day of every single week.

Centuries ago, if someone went into business for himself, it meant “putting out a shingle” to let neighbors know he was in business. Today, that’s not the case; you can go into business from your easychair or at your favorite coffee shop.

While blogging is one way to gain exposure, it is far from the only way to gain it. Social networks are another phenomenal way to get others to notice you. But joining is not the only thing you have to do in order to generate business and manage to brand yourself personally. You also have to participate in the networks – especially the on-line networks. If you don’t, no one will know you exist!

Another technological advancement which helps us to communicate with others more effectively than ever before is the invent of video posting. Video posting sites are like YouTube. Others are out there doing the same thing, but this blog is not to encourage anyone to use any one particular service. However, there is a company called HelloWorld which not only allows you to upload your videos to your site, but you can hold a video conference call, send video emails and video chat with their services, too! How cool is that?

There are other great tools to communicate effectively with large audiences, but I’ll get into that next time!

How ’bout it?

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One Comment on “The Communications Factor. When Is It?”

  1. communication is needed to make other understand what you want to say to th other person .there are many ways to communicate but the way should be clear and understandable to both the receiver and transmitted end!

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