What’s the Color Between Black and White?

Grey, or is it gray? Well, the answer depends on whether you drink coffee or tea in the afternoon. Not really, but the correct spelling of the color is GRAY! (Notice, being a yank, I presumed that OURS is the correct spelling.) But seriously, “gray,” with an a, is defined by Webster’s New World College Dictionary as “the color that is the mixture or blend of black and white;”

The other common spelling, “grey” with an e, does have its own entry a page or so later. Grey, with an e, is the British spelling of Gray.


The AP Stylebook doesn’t mince words or beat around the bush when providing information: “gray Not grey. But: greyhound.” So a greyhound is usually gray in color, but if you have a gray hound, it doesn’t mean it’s a greyhound.

I don’t remember when the spelling of the color gray became grey, but maybe it was when Crayola started mass-producing crayons. In the United States, though, the color is GRAY.  Of course, you could always play the safe-ground and call it charcoal! That’s much easier to spell.

How ’bout it?

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4 Comments on “What’s the Color Between Black and White?”

  1. color-blink Says:

    Wasn’t it the English (Brits) that standardized the English language and shared it with the world from India, Africa, and even America? As with the Latin American Spanish, American English has taken on a life of its own and could be considered the less proper and educated version when compared to true English. It’s partially through tolerance and ignorance this has happened..

    For example, the youth today hide behind the convenience of IM or texting shorthand since many of them cannot spell. And of course our society thinks this is “cute, cool, and harmless.” Unfortunately this will only continue the decline of not only a language, but also a society. And Americans wonder why our world status continues to slip?? OMG, lmao … ru4rl???

  2. mike Says:

    there is a reason we split from England. Waaaaaaay too proper!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    just like all you white supremest you think it started in greece well your wrong it all started in africa do your research and learn right knowledge

    • First of all, if you’re going to comment on a post of mine, at least read it! Had you taken the time to read this short post, you would have realized that it had NOTHING to do with race. I was simply making a point between the two different spellings of the word GRAY and GREY. I can appreciate that you don’t use punctuation or capitalization, that’s your prerogative (yes, I did have look that one up), but at least spell all your words correctly!!!! It’s SUPREMIST, not supremest, genius.

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