Please Allow Me to Vent!

I really have to let out some of my biggest gripes about the use, and abuse, of the English language. I’d love to hear some of your gripes about your “favorite” atrocities of the language. 

  1. When I hear someone say, “Where’s that found at?” Smarter, more respected people than I say this and it just DRIVES ME UP THE WALL! I know in the future it may become not only commonplace, but accepted by the educational system, but for right now, and even when it is accepted, I will fight to preserve the dignity of the language. You cannot, under any circumstance, end a sentence with a preposition – especially in writing. (I know, John, the aversion to dangling preps is a preference, not a rule.)

  2. When people say “Let’s us…” What??? Let us us? Let’s means Let Us. So by saying “Let’s us…” you are essentially saying let us us… D-D-Do you have a stutter?

  3. When people write, “Hello all you well educated…” Maybe they should have studied a little more with those well-educated people who DON’T OMIT THE HYPHEN! And when you’re addressing someone directly, the comma is required! Take, for example, the greeting “Hello, Bob.” The name of the person whom is being addressed needs to be surrounded by commas. Otherwise, it just shows you didn’t study grammar well enough.

  4. I hate spam! Not the lunch-meat but unsolicited email. But when I do get it, sometimes I actually take the time to read what it says. (Usually from someone who wants to make me think we’re long-lost buddies from high school.) What really makes me laugh is when the emails say something like “I am very looking toward to seeing you again.” I understand that English isn’t everyone’s first language, but if you’re going to try to con someone, at least get the dialect right!

  5. When people write, “I just have to many things to do…” Okay, I think I was in third grade when I learned the difference between to and too.

  6. When people try to make themselves sound smarter (or better-educated) than they really are. “We say he and his sister Julie…” Sorry, Grandma, but that’s been bugging me for almost 20 years! We don’t see he; we see him no matter what other things or people we see!

Okay, thanks for allowing me to vent. I promise I will have a better attitude when I “ping” you tomorrow!

How ’bout it?

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