Ad Campaigns Need Some Work

 was browsing some of my fellow sticklers’ blogs this morning when I came across one titled “Keeping up With the Joanses?


Steve wrote that he heard a commercial on television in which the announcer failed to form the correct plural of the last name “Jones.”

I won’t give further details, since you’ve probably read what he has to say by now. But you’re about to read the “gospel,” according to AP.

Under the entry for Plurals in The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual, it says, “Follow these guidelines in forming and using plural words:” (Now, this is not the only definitive resource on pluralization, but it’s one the staff at most newspapers and print media publications use, so it’s good enough for me.)

WORDS ENDING IN CH, S, SH, SS, X, and Z: Add es: churches, lenses, parishes, glasses, boxes, buzzes. (Monarchs is an exception.)

 There you have it. So the question should not be how to make the plural of Jones, but rather why the ad agency execs didn’t know how to do it!

Of course, the next question becomes why, if they weren’t sure, did they choose a name like Jones? Why not Kelley, or Twain, or Kerrigan, for that matter? Any name that doesn’t end in S!

How ’bout it?

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One Comment on “Ad Campaigns Need Some Work”

  1. awriterinthedesert Says:

    I recently consulted the AP Stylebook, Chicago Manual of Style, and The NYT Manual of Style and Usage trying to find help for the plural of Jonz. I never found an acceptable answer and just used his first name throughout the story. The guy who changed him name to Jonz said he wished he hadn’t, and has nothing but problems because of it.

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