News From the Networking Front

Writing about others’ grammatical errors must be cathartic, because, in the past two days, I don’t get worked up or stressed out (how ’bout those dangling prepositions, John?) about others’ abuse and misuse of the language. So I want to share a little about what I’m learning:

With the emmergence of social networks, we, the people of the world, are being given the responsibility of being the media. We create it. How many times have you seen CNN or some other reputable traditional news agency using a freelance or “amateur” cameraman? (Of course, the term “amateur” only works when the person isn’t getting paid; as soon as he or she gets his first check, he becomes a professional – even if he’s never published anything before!)

With the current number of blogs and blogging sites, we, the people of the world, determine what’s important to us. It’s so easy to create your own blog or podcast that virtually everyone has the ability to become world-famous in a very short time with only a few hours’ or minutes’ work.

By belonging to social networks, we, the members can effectively join our millions of voices to become agents of change to the N-th degree! By being involved with social networks, we can change the way we see the news. We become the news; we create the news!

How ’bout it?

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One Comment on “News From the Networking Front”

  1. John Says:

    “get worked up” and “stress out” are phrasal verbs. Not the same thing as a stranded preposition.

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