Speaking of “Experts”

This weekend I was looking through a cookbook called barefoot contessa at home, when I noticed a recipe which looked phenomenal. And, of course, I wouldn’t be writing about it unless I found something wrong with it.

The recipe was for “blue cheese burgers.” (Apparently, Ina Garten, the author, has a problem with capitalization, but, then again, so did e. e. cummings.) However, that’s not my big beef, no pun intended.

Barefoot Contessa at Home

The problem I have with this recipe is that it calls for “blue” cheese throughout. I’m not a chef; I’m a writer, but isn’t the correct spelling of the French cheese bleu? And doesn’t being a published author make one an expert? (See the previous post, and you’ll see what I mean.)

So what I would like to ask Ms. Garten is whether she meant to misspell bleu or whether it was just that the spell-check program didn’t catch it. Assuming that the spelling of the cheese is not accidental, is one to go around to the local grocery stores asking for “blue cheese,” like blue corn chips, red onions, or green leaf lettuce? 

Someone, please shed some light onto this problem!

Actually, doing some research and fact checking, I found that the cheese is indeed blue. I found that the traditional spell-check devices I use don’t have the word “bleu” listed. Therefore, I Wikied bleu cheese” and learned an enormous amount about blue/bleu cheese!

I realize that I have basically shot holes in my own post, but aren’t effective posts supposed to inform, instruct, or just make others think?

How ’bout it?

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One Comment on “Speaking of “Experts””

  1. awriterinthedesert Says:

    For a food celebrity such as Ina Garten to use “blue” instead of “bleu” makes me wonder if she did it on purpose, if she had some reason for this spelling that she neglected to mention in her book. I would hate to think that it passed through the hands of editors, a copy editor, and possibly a proof reader without this odd spelling catching someone’s attention. (Although I do find myself circling typos and missing words in novels, so anything’s possible.) But it’s even more disturbing to think that Ina wouldn’t know the difference between blue and bleu. I think you should contact the publisher and ask for an explanation. Inquiring minds want to know.

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