Illiterates United

At a previous job of mine, a coworker had occasion to write an incident report about a fire sprinkler room which was making some sort of awful noise — like a thumping. The best I can remember, report went something like this:

The Fire Sprinkler Pump room was making a strange noise about 11:15 pm. The guy in room [ don’t remember which] went out and looked at it. Him and his buddy both was saying they work in mantence [sic] and was workin with something like it when…

Aargh! I wanted to ask my coworker whether he finished eighth grade, but alas, I refrained. Is this the sad shape in which we, as Americans, have placed ourselves? Was the public school system so worried about “leaving no child behind” that it failed to teach students how to form coherant sentences?

I understand that some people are better scientists, engineers or accountants than others (I include myself in the others category!), but there needs to be a basic final exam – with absolutely no quarter given for incorrect answers – before someone gets his high school diploma or GED which will ensure that he will possess the ability to at least write a simple note!

How ’bout it?

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One Comment on “Illiterates United”

  1. Mark,

    Great blog! My pet peeve…. websites that contain misspelled words. Case in point, my brother-in-law has a website for his company that has Mississippi misspelled. The best part of this joke is that the web developer LIVES in Mississippi & can’t spell it!

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