“Grammarians” Unite!

I saw that another blogger has queried what members’ biggest pet peeves are grammatically speaking, and I would like to hear my readers (I’m assuming that I have more than one, here.) One of my biggest gripes is when someone asks the question, “Where do you work at?” YOU CAN’T END A SENTENCE OR A QUESTION WITH A PREPOSITION!!!!! Never. Not in a million years. You shouldn’t ask your dog, “What are you barking at?” I have been guilty of this egregious error more than once, but dogs can’t speak grammatically correct English. (At least mine can’t.)

The commercial for some new cellphone that shows its location based off some sort of GPS reading makes me cringe every time it is shown.

Where you at?

Oh, you know where I’m at. And I know where you at! You know where I’m at, and I know where you at!

You know where I’m at?

I know where you at.

I don’t care where either of you are. Just somebody make it stop!!! PLEASE!

  grammarpro.jpg I have even been in the audience when a motivational speaker said, “Wherever you’re at, we will meet you there.” I came close to conspicuously getting up and unceremoniously walking out of the meeting making my disdain for the lapse in grammatical etiquette clear for the other 20 audience members.

What are some of your biggest pet peeves when it comes to grammar?

How ’bout it?

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3 Comments on ““Grammarians” Unite!”

  1. John Says:

    You’re confusing the non-standard “at” with preposition stranding. 2 different things.

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